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Trelleborg Offshore designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of solutions for the topside market. In demanding industries and harsh environments, we can be relied upon in a variety of applications.

Flexible Piping System

Technological developments have revolutionized deepwater drilling and production in recent years and the need for high performance, robust and dependable topside solutions has never been greater. In an emergency it is paramount that the deluge system delivers water where it is needed at the correct pressure, no matter the situation.

Flexible Riser Protection

Protecting the flexible riser, significantly delays escalation of temperature rises in the steel in order to buy time to gain control of fire and shut down of systems.

Riser Protection

Riser Protection, protects people, structures and equipment from all types of fire and corrosion in the offshore environment, as well protecting the riser itself. In the demanding environment offshore it is paramount to ensuring on-board safety.

Topside Protection

Protecting topside equipment and structures provides time to evacuate people, close down critical equipment and for responders to gain control of the fire. Our Firestop™ material can be used for different Topside applications to ensure safety comes first.

Krokstadelva, Norway

Address: Kalosjegata 15, 3055 Krokstadelva, Norway
Phone: +47 32 23 20 00

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