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Trelleborg Offshore excels in the design and development of superior polymer engineered solutions for the harsh and demanding environments of international seismic and oil and gas markets.

Seismic Bend Control Solutions

Where any flexible tubular connects to a structure, normal movement during operation or forces incurred during installation can cause catastrophic failure of the tubular at the termination point. Our Seismic Bend control solutions reduce this damage.

Seismic Cable Handling

Seismic towed arrays are carefully designed to maximize survey efficiency. To enable the towed array to be set up correctly, it is necessary to attach various buoys, cross chains etc. To ensure the integrity of the towed array, these connection points must provide a secure and safe method of attachment.

Towing Attachments and Ancillaries

Seismic towed arrays undergo significant loading during operation. The towing forces from the vessel combine with drag from the sea and lateral loads from diverter and cross chains. These complex loads need to be correctly controlled to ensure that the seismic array operates correctly.

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