Working Together to Meet the Challenge of Rapid Gas Decompression

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Working Together to Meet the Challenge of Rapid Gas Decompression

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is supplying advanced elastomer materials to enhance the performance of Proserv’s subsea downhole and pipeline sampling tools, providing a solution to rapid gas decompression.
One of the leading global players in the supply of seals and bearings for the offshore oil and gas market, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, has supplied its XploR™ grade elastomer seals for initial testing. This is to help address the low temperature / high-pressure sealing performance of Proserv’s subsea equipment and the issue of sour gas chemical compatibility.

The seals are to be used in an expanded range of Proserv’s downhole and pipeline sampling tools, which are being upgraded and developed, including the Prolight, Procorro and Profisc product lines.

Combating extreme conditions
Daniel Grainger, Key Account Manager at the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions oil and gas marketing office in Aberdeen, explains how industry leaders are turning to the sealing specialists in increasing numbers in a bid to combat extreme conditions.

He says: “Seal damage and observed gas leaks caused by rapid gas decompression in elastomeric seals are extremely costly with significant safety and environmental implications for oilfield operators and equipment suppliers.

Consistent and robust solutions
“We are proud to be Proserv’s partner for sealing technology. The partnership between the two companies is a meeting of like-minded players in the oil and gas industry, both striving for excellence and pushing the barriers of harsh environments.” 
David Bird, a senior engineer at Proserv, says: “Consistent and robust sealing solutions are a fundamental requirement in the design and development of every Proserv sampling system.

“Proserv’s oil and gas division is now actively harnessing Trelleborg’s expertise in the development of projects that are tailored toward expanding our sample cylinder product range into more hostile service environments.”

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