Innovative stackable RiserGuard system developed

Innovative stackable RiserGuardĀ® system developed

Trelleborg Offshore has developed a new stackable version of its innovative RiserGuard® system. 

Providing a solution for rigs with limited storage space, it allows stacking of mixed dressed riser joints, while still offering the same high protection as the original system.

Saves valuable rig time
Stackable RiserGuard® joints can be stacked alongside buoyant riser joints in the same deck storage area due to strategically placed protective sections spaced within the RiserGuard® that accept and transfer loads between the joints and deck storage area.

Alan McBride, Vice President of Drilling at Trelleborg Offshore, commented:”We originally developed our RiserGuard® product to help protect bare riser joints as they were handled and run on the rig. In addition, the product would enable the riser to be run and pulled quicker, saving valuable rig time.”

Complete protection
“Keen to meet the changing wants and needs of our customers, we soon recognized the need to be able to stack the riser joint and decided to develop a stackable version of the product. The Stackable RiserGuard® provides the same protection and handling characteristics as the original RiserGuard® product, but with the added benefit of stackability to save space on the rig.”

Designed as a free flooding, self equalizing, neutrally buoyant unit, the Stackable RiserGuard® offers complete protection for bare riser joints and external lines during handling, storage and drilling operations. The bare or slick riser joint system consists of a series of two piece half shells affixed to the outside of the riser joint.

Quick & easy installation The Stackable RiserGuard® system offers quick and easy installation and is impact and abrasion resistant. It also provides the same OD & geometry as buoyant riser joints, allowing bare joints to be run at the same speed as buoyant joints.


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