An Issue of Safety Gaining Coast Guard Approval for Fire Suppression Equipment

An Issue of Safety: Gaining Coast Guard Approval for Fire Suppression Equipment

Doug Marti, Market Development Manager within Trelleborg Offshore and Construction, white paper from OTC 2013.

While technological developments have revolutionized deepwater drilling and production in recent years, the need for high performance, robust and dependable solutions has never been greater. This is because in the harsh environments presented by the offshore world, the need for equipment to operate safely, effectively and most importantly provide that all important peace of mind, is paramount.

However, with a significant number of aging platforms and rigs still in use across the globe, can they keep up with the pace? With fire protection a critical part of onboard safety, this white paper will look at why innovative corrosion-free, rubber-based solutions can be the key to help bring an aging fleet of platforms back to life, while still creating a safe working environment for all and meeting the necessary industry standards.

Pushing the limit
The oil and gas industry is renowned for continuously pushing the limits. The exploration of offshore oil & gas has been moving to deepwater fields and demands that wells be drilled deeper and reach further in order to provide more cost-effective and safe well completions. Adding to the challenge is the requirement to extract more oil and gas than ever before, and exploit ever harsher reservoir environments in new locations around the world.

In this difficult economic climate, customers require superior, cost-effective solutions and focus more on price and longer lifetime. Not long ago customers required products that could last 20 years - now it’s often up to 40 years.

When it comes to material selection to handle these challenges, rubber-based material is, not surprisingly, becoming a more popular solution within the offshore industry as it is an extremely flexible and durable substance. Compared to alternative materials, such as steel and fiberglass, rubber has an extensive temperature range and exceptionally high pressure resistance. It is a flexible matter that can damp, seal and protect, and most of all, it has an extremely long lifetime.

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