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Trelleborg’s marine systems operation provides bespoke solutions that meet and exceed the standards you expect, helping you to deliver on time and on budget for your clients.

Our attention to detail and control through the design and manufacturing process help to ensure hassle free installation and a high quality solution that will stand the test of time.

Cost versus benefit

Trelleborg uses only the highest performance materials, proven to be durable for decades. Thanks to the design expertise and quality built into all of our solutions, they don’t require costly, frequent replacement, reducing downtime for your customers and giving you the reassurance you’ve chosen the right solution to provide them a long, hassle free service life.

Our extensive track record shows that Trelleborg’s solutions are designed to stand the test of time. We’ve been delivering low maintenance, high performance systems that help customers to achieve their business goals for over 40 years.

Your Role

Financial strength and stability

Warranties are commonplace. We offer them as standard, or over extended periods with proven maintenance programs.

We find that our customers value our long track record, financial strength and heritage.  We’re proud to stand by our equipment and support it over its lifecycle, so you’ll have the reassurance your clients will be kept in good hands.

Tender support

Your prosperity is the lifeblood of our prosperity, so rest assured that Trelleborg will commit to supporting your efforts in all areas of business development.

As such, we assign a dedicated bid manager to each project, to provide a single point of contact between your business and ours.

Industry leading technical support is always on hand, ranging from formal drawing and product documentation through to ad hoc advice you might require on mechanical, instrumentation and engineering topics.

Ease of installation

We know that hassle-free installation is of the utmost importance to you, and we realize the part we have to play in relieving any unforeseen project issues.

To address this, our solutions come with full and detailed installation documentation, backed by a team of specialist engineers who are used to overcoming the most challenging issues and resolving them in a quick and cost effective fashion.

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