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Emergency Shutdown Link


The transfer of hazardous liquids between ship and shore necessitates the use of Emergency Shutdown Link (ESL) systems. Trelleborg Marine Systems has developed its ESL for LPG, ethane, oil and chemical gas transfer operations, offering a reliable link enabling rapid and controlled shutdown in emergency situations. 

The ESL comprises shore-side and ship-side sub-systems. These both possess a ‘safe area’ control unit, linked by fixed cable to hazardous area closures/control boxes. The hazardous area enclosures are then connected together by a flexible umbilical cable that allows the two sub-systems to communicate. 

The safe area control units are also connected into the ship/shore Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems to ensure the correct and safe shut down of equipment in the event of an emergency. The ESL has an option allowing use in cases where only one side of the transfer operation is equipped with the Trelleborg’s SeaTechnikTM ESL system.


Compliant with SIGTTO 2010 recommendations


Simple design principle


Intrinsically safe


Electrically isolates shore and ship


‘First-up’ indication for rapid fault location


Self-test facility


Umbilical/pendant operation options


Conforms to industry standards


Enables safe transfer of hazardous materials


Compatible with Trelleborg’s SeaTechnikTM Universal Safety Link


Backed by world-wide service capability


For ship and shore applications
Used in LPG gas, oil and hazardous chemical transfer
Suitable for hazardous area application
Shore, ship and tanker applications

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