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The SafePilot Piloting Software is a professional piloting/navigation iOS based software that is developed in collaboration with marine pilots worldwide. 

Known for its intuitive ease of use, the SafePilot Software utilizes touch screen technology built on an intelligent kernel for multi-layer handling.  It offers optional software modules that can be selected according to operational pilotage requirements.

In conjunction with the SafePilot CAT products the SafePilot Piloting Software forms the most modern and professional tool available for maritime pilots.


Intuitive to use


Display data of relevance to current operation step


Complements the SafePilot CAT PPU series


Touch screen technology


Multi-layer chart handling


Vessel database, GNSS data, HDG, SOG, COG, ROT


Adjustable routes / waypoints / distance lines


Day / dusk / night modes


XTD, curved waypoints, revisable meeting points, recording


Supports ENC chart formats S-57, S-63 and S-102


Offers six software modules


Options and Accessories

The SafePilot Piloting Software currently offers six software modules for our customers to choose and to combine freely, according to their specific operational needs:

Pro Navigation


Comprehensive yet clear and intuitive piloting software tool

Harbor docking
Lock operations
River pilotage
Transit pilotage
Offshore operations
Specialized ships
Chemical carriers
FPSO/FSO/FLNG/FSRUs and approaching tankers/carriers

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