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HALO fenders is a premium pneumatic fender solution with market leading service and support from Trelleborg and Teekay.  

The ISO 17357:2014 compliant chain-tire net pneumatic fender (CTN) is a lattice of used tires connected by a network of horizontal and vertical chains, which adds further protection to the fender body. 

The chains are galvanized for greater corrosion resistance and covered by rubber sleeves to prevent abrasive damage to the outer rubber. The horizontal chains are fastened at each end to a ring shackle. CTNs are not available on fender sizes below 800 x 1200 mm.

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ISO 17357-1:2014 compliant


Can support large panels


Very low reaction and hull pressure


Suitable for small and large tidal ranges


Maintains large clearances between hull and structure


Easy and fast to deploy


Made of 100% synthetic tire cord


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