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Sea Cushion - Alaska


Trelleborg’s SeaCushion fenders are designed for hard work. The superior grade of foam core, an extra tough skin plus chain-tyre net make SeaCushion the most rugged floating fender on the market. This means the SeaCushion is perfect for the most demanding applications: open water ship-to-ship operations, offshore structures or anywhere needing absolute fender reliability. Whatever else happens, SeaCushion will not deflate, burst or sink. 

Efficiency is excellent too.  For the same energy, SeaCushion fenders have lower reactions than pneumatic types. Hull pressures are very low too at just 172kN/m2 for STD-grades (even less for LR-grades) – well within PIANC guidelines for LNG vessels.

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Ultra-tough, unsinkable design


Wide range of standard and custom sizes


Low reaction and high energy options


Low hull pressures


Maintains safe stand-off distances


Low maintenance


Well proven design


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