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Systems Integration


Integration is the key to maximum safety and optimum productivity. 

Trelleborg's marine systems operation can combined the Docking, Mooring and Environmental systems into a logical and easy to operate MMS (Marine Monitoring System).  Key information and statuses are then distributed to the right people at the right time whether they are on board the vessel, at the control room or on the jetty. Measurement, control, data capture, storage, visualization and data distribution has been a key value of Trelleborg's marine systems. 

With expertise in electronics, software, communications and industrial control our systems engineering team has lead the industry since the 1980s with technology to improve safety, efficiency and operations at marine terminals.


Presents an overall view of Docking, Mooring & MetOcean for safer operations


Information to the right people at the right time


Support for all products from one manufacturer



Oil & Gas
Bulk  Mineral & Liquid Berths
Commercial (RoRo, ferry)
Container terminals

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