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Free Standing Tugger Winch


Trelleborg's Tugger Winches provide improved safety and efficiency of heaving line retrieval with the lines being stored and deployed from the jetty rather than depend on the vessel’s own lines. 

As an alternative to the traditional capstan, the heaving line is retrieved and stored on the enclosed drum of the Tugger Winch. This enables the jetty owner/operator to control the maintenance, providing increased safety and efficiency of mooring operations. 

For safe mooring operations it is imperative that heaving lines are in good condition. The use of poorly maintained or damaged heaving lines can result in breakages, endangering mooring crews or jetty personnel operating within the snap-back zone.


Enclosed drum protects heaving lines from exposure to the external environment, extending operating life


A built in torque limiting clutch further reduces the risk of heaving line breakage


A rotational swivel and rope guide allows retrieval from any direction


Remote control operation and ”hands free” spooling further increases safety and convenience for the operators


Built in auxiliary capstan head provides traditional capstan winch operation


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