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SmartDock Pilot


Trelleborg’s SmartDock® GPS based systems aid approach and berthing of vessels to onshore or offshore terminals and other vessels as is found in the emerging FLNG (Floating LNG)  industry. It is also the ideal system for ship-to-ship berthing such as FLNG, FSRU, FSO , bunkering and lightering. 

SmartDock® Pilot is used where a portable, non-specific berth approach and docking aid system is required, for example at a multi-berth terminal or where berthing is to a fixed structure such as jetty or quay.

OMADS is specific version of the system available for offshore and ship-to-ship berthing & mooring applications. Providing highly accurate approach and relative position monitoring as well as comprehensive integration with mooring and environmental monitoring systems. OMADS is ideal for banked mooring situations where a vessel berths to another vessel that is semi-permanently moored.




Realtime centimetre accurate positioning for both fixed and relative position applications


Data is displayed in realtime to the pilot and optionally to the terminal/berth operations team


Information is logged for replay and analysis


Fully integrates with Trelleborg MetOcean and Mooring Systems



Oil & Gas
Bulk  mineral & liquid berths
Commercial (RoRo, ferry, container)
Ship-to-ship, bunkering & lightering 

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