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Ship Owners & Operators

Ship performance management software from Trelleborg’s marine systems operation helps shipping lines to monitor and manage fuel consumption, reducing both emissions and costs, whilst our range of docking and mooring products improves performance and safety over the last 200 metres of berthing, and whilst the vessel is moored. 

Optimize performance

Using the latest technologies, Trelleborg’s computer-based systems have monitored and controlled the performance of complex vessels, from multi-engined RoRo ferries to LNGCs.

By continuously calculating ship efficiency, your crew will have ongoing oversight of performance and where wastage may occur.

Our Docking Aid Systems also optimize performance and control over the last 200 metres. Used by jetty operators and pilots alike, they monitor the approach and docking of berthing vessels.  Systems design is based on lasers, differential GPS or Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS technologies. Various standard and customized designs are available to meet the widest range of berthing situations, including fender impact management.

Ship Owners - Seaguard, Germany

Plan your strategy

We’ll provide you with the tools to develop and maintain a strategy under the mandatory SEEMP, as well as helping you to achieve real savings that keep your fleet competitive.

Calculation of EEOI and proactive administration of SEEMP and other company specific KPIs is made more straightforward thanks to continuous data transmission via your ship’s IT network, to allow onshore monitoring.

The return on investment you will see by using Trelleborg’s Seatchnik™ Ship Performance Management systems will be realized within months.

Total reassurance

In such a high stake, demanding environment, you need the reassurance of world class service.  That’s why Trelleborg’s ship performance solutions all come with the support of our 24/7, global service team.

Data transmission to Trelleborg allows ongoing analysis and trouble shooting of efficiency issues, and our team of experienced service engineers and performance analysts/specialists provide installation, commissioning and in-service support worldwide.

Our docking and mooring portfolio includes a number of optional extras that improve safety and performance for both crew and terminal owners and operators. For example, Quick Release Hooks with remote release, removing the need for personnel to be close to the mooring line as it is released.

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