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Trelleborg’s marine systems operation provides bespoke solutions that meet and exceed the standards you expect, helping you enhance your reputation.

We deliver quality technical and engineering support, wherever you are in the world. Our design, manufacturing and installation expertise, across our broad product portfolio, is unrivalled.

Work with Trelleborg to ensure you give your clients the high quality, cost effective solutions that demanding marine environments dictate, whatever their application.

Cost versus benefit

Trelleborg uses only the highest performance materials, proven to be durable for decades. Thanks to the design expertise and quality built into all of our solutions, they don’t require costly, frequent replacement, reducing downtime for your customers and giving you the reassurance you’ve chosen the right solution to provide them a long, hassle free service life.

Our extensive track record shows that Trelleborg’s solutions are designed to stand the test of time. We’ve been delivering low maintenance, high performance systems that help customers to achieve their business goals for over 40 years.


Local support

Trelleborg is a truly international company, but believes in local, feet on the ground support. So you can rely on best in class services, wherever you are in the world.

Our global network, with regional and central hubs, is able to provide assistance and advice, in your time zone – so that projects can proceed without delay.

We pride ourselves on the speed and effectiveness of our response, which is vital in helping you meet and exceed the expectations of your clients. Whenever or wherever you need, we’re only an email or a phone call away.

Engineering support

We impart our technical knowledge and expertise gained over the last three decades to help you prepare the highest quality specifications.

Trelleborg’s engineered solutions are tailored to meet specific operational requirements and are backed by complete product information. Ongoing technical support from the largest team of qualified engineers in our sector will reassure you that you’ve selected the right products and the right people for your client’s requirements.

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