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Navigation Buoy - Polyethylene range


A complete range of IALA compliant, low maintenance, robust buoys from 1.25 to 3.6m diameter and providing a realistic alternative to traditional steel buoys. These modular buoys are lighter, easily transported, lower maintenance and can be deployed using smaller maintenance vessels. 

The Hull sections and superstructure are manufactured from ‘UV’ stable, Virgin Polyethylene. The superstructure is manufactured using a unique, ‘twin skin’ construction technique whilst the Hull sections are filled with water resistant foam which prevents sinking. The Hull sections are fitted around a fully integral, HDG steel core incorporating both mooring and lifting eyes. 

The flat base design ensures that the Buoys are easily stored upright and also adaptable to ‘dry out’ situations. The hull sections are also resistant to impact and provide a limited ‘self fendering’ situation.


All buoys are IALA compliant


Four piece float section


Will not sink if outer skin is punctured


Excellent stability


High visibility superstructure


Wide range of navigation lights accepted


Modular system design


Colour fast UV stable


Does not require painting


Low maintenance


Flat base design for handling on deck or in storage


Options and Accessories

Day/top marks
Radar reflector
Mould in graphics/signage
Monitoring systems, Racon, AIS, GSM, GPS
Solar panels and/or batteries
Adaptable for Met. equipment
Complete mooring solutions


Channel marking
Demarcation zones
Specific danger zones
Specific zone marking
Safe area marking

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