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Elastomer Hull Navigation Buoy


Trelleborg's marine systems operation provides a complete range of IALA compliant, low maintenance, lightweight buoys from 1.2 to 3m diameter - a realistic alternative to traditional steel buoys. 

The buoy hulls are manufactured using resilient closed cell polyethylene foam which is thermo-laminated around internal steelwork and encapsulated within a tough, abrasion resistant, polyurethane elastomer skin. This proven technology affords durability and reliability in the demanding environments in which they operate. 

Upper and superstructures are fabricated using marine grade aluminium and coated with marine environment based, paint systems.


All Buoys are IALA compliant


Wide range to cover most applications


Excellent stability


Light weight


Low maintenance


Colour fast and UV stable


Wide range of navigation lights accepted


Will not sink if outer skin is punctured


Flat base design for easier handling on deck and on site


Options and Accessories

Day/top marks
Radar reflector
Monitoring systems, Racon, AIS, GSM, GPS
Solar panels and/or batteries
Adaptable for Met equipment
Complete mooring solutions


Channel marking
Demarcation zones
Specific danger zones
Specific zone marking
Safe area marking

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