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Trelleborg has been embedded in the oil and gas industry for over forty years, earning a reputation for reliability and innovation with customers around the globe. We understand the unique demands that the oil industry places on the products we supply. As such, we seek to collaborate with our customers in selecting the right hose to ensure the highest safety standards while not compromising on optimizing service life. We work with our customers to ensure equipment stays in best possible condition and delivers maximum value throughout the entire operational lifecycle.

Innovation, Research & Development

Trelleborg’s innovative oil hose solutions are the culmination of 40 years’ research and development at Trelleborg’s renowned testing centre in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Our R&D team gets involved at the earliest possible stage of all projects, cooperating with our customers in defining the most appropriate technical solutions for the targeted application and design life.

Trelleborg’s R&D team uses prototypes to undergo rigorous mechanical and chemical testing, as well as hydrodynamic analysis. The results undergo a detailed analysis to determine material behavior laws, establish ageing models for realistic service conditions, and provide a detailed assessment of performance under fatigue.

A consultative Approach for Customized Solutions

Trelleborg understands that when it comes to selecting hoses, one size does not fit all. We therefore place vital importance on taking a consultative approach with customers to ensure the most suitable solution for each project. The following factors of the global environment are all carefully analyzed:

•Fluid properties
•Standard and specific requirements
•Environmental and operational conditions
•Application and configuration
•Expected or real service life and maintenance program.

Our R&D team gets involved in the earliest stage of Oil & Gas projects 

Laboratories are dedicated to materials and product development as well as control of chemical compositions in order to guarantee a high quality standard throughout the chain. Mechanical and chemical testing are performed to determine material behavior laws, establish ageing models for realistic service conditions as well as fatigue performances which are critical in order to accurately assess hose fatigue in highly demanding environments. Using these material characteristics and based on our expertise, high fidelity finite element models (FEM) can be created for each specific hose construction.This permits us to render the exact hose behavior under complex load combinations and compute strains and stresses in any rubber layer or internal reinforcement. Global configuration study and fatigue analysis can therefore be performed in a dedicated hydrodynamic software using the hose properties derived from the hose local FEM. All of these design tools and methodologies have been extensively checked and validated through full scale static, dynamic and fatigue tests.

World-Class Factory

Our factory is based in Clermont Ferrand, France. Trelleborg Industrie SAS (TISAS) is the headquarters of the Fluid Handling Solutions Business Unit. Spanning 110000 m², it is home to 500 employees,

The site serves as the location for manufacturing rubber compounds, performing full-scale tests, developing new material and components, assessing ageing hoses and more.

The factory, which also manufactures industrial hoses, has a Quality, Safety and Environment system management ISO 9001, API Spec Q1, ISO 14001. The factory adheres to the highest international standards. Manufacturing operations follow a strict Trelleborg Code of Conduct, and all operations are conducted under the Trelleborg Safety@Work system.

All our hoses are submitted to Factory Acceptance Tests, in accordance with international standards and project requirements. Hoses are only released if they withstand this demanding proof testing session.

Factory Acceptance Tests

Trelleborg Oil & Marine hoses are submitted to extensive Factory Acceptance Test Program according to international recognized standards (API Spec 17K; G.M.P.H.O.M. 2009) and specific project requirements.
Each hose is released by Quality Department only if it demonstrated his ability to withstand this Factory Acceptance “Torture” session.
Standard factory acceptance tests include Visual inspection, Hydrostatic test, Adhesion test, bending test, vacuum test… and we can also propose specific tests like tension and kerozene.
Customers or their representatives are welcome to attend these test sequences and witness the quality level of Trelleborg Oil & Marine Hoses.

Service and Lifecycle Optimization

Trelleborg performs on-site supervision during installation, inspection and testing, for requalification, hose maintenance, and inspection programs. This includes on-site repairs to ensure that hoses are not only performing correctly, but are meeting the highest standards in safety and quality.

This can even extend to undertaking specific investigation programs. These may include inspections, tests on site or in the factory such as OCIMF and burst tests, or ageing analysis of the components such as adhesion tests or elastomer property analysis.

Service Support Onsite

Can I put this hose back to service ? 

This is a frequently asked question raised during maintenance operations. 
Did you know that we can despatch installation or field engineers to your site ? 
We assist you during new project installation or at any maintance opportunity ensuring high level of service troughout whole service life of our products. 

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