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TRELLINE is a bonded custom-built flexible hose with a long service life ensure by hydrodynamic and fatigue analysis.
TRELLINE hose is adapted to a large range of applications: OOL (oil offloading line), flowline, shallow water configuration, reeling system.

Product Overview

Custom-built design


High quality & performance


Service life guarantee


Cost effective solution



OCIMF has been issued by oil companies to provide technical requirements in order to ensure the satisfactory performance of commonly used hoses at offshore moorings.

OCIMF is based on technical recommendations and tests and is therefore not suitable to study the capability of a hose system to withstand the static and dynamic loads that occur on offshore terminals.

The standard API spec 17K has been issued to introduce requirements regarding design methodology, characterization of the materials, hydrodynamic and fatigue analysis.

As oil offloading lines require guaranteed long service life and high performance, it was compulsory to go from OCIMF to API spec 17K certification.

Certified methodology

Material properties and performances have been measured and documented including fatigue behavior (SN curves).

Hose design is fully assessed by analytical formulas, complex finite elements models (FEM) and analysis (FEA) for either simple load or combined loads.

Hydrodynamic analysis uses hose properties and performances.

Fatigue analysis uses the stress and strain database, resulting from the FEM and FEA computation.

These numerical tools have been extensively checked and validated through full scale static, dynamic and fatigue tests.

In accordance with the API Spec 17K standard requirements, the complete methodology to demonstrate the optimum marine configuration hose solution is qualified by a 3rd party authority (DNV, Lloyds; Bureau Veritas, ABS…).

Additional tests to perfectly fit your project environment can also be performed.

Design & Performance

The TRELLINE hose is designed and certified in accordance with the API spec 17K, and ensures you the best quality and performance, in line with the environmental and operational conditions of your project.

Each hose section is made with reinforced flanges fully embedded in rubber, integrated bending stiffener and a reinforced structure with steel rings. This design ensures high performance to the identified loads, high resistance to fatigue, high thermal insulation.

The hose is also made with a continuous inner liner and integrated gaskets (internal and external) and limits the pressure drop.
There is no contact between seawater, the fluid and the hose structure, and ensure a perfect sealing solution.

The TRELLINE internal diameter can be extended up to 1000mm (40”) with a section length up to 12.2m (40’) with a design pressure up to 100 bars.

Cost effective solution

TRELLINE offers a lot of advantages and an economic solution such as reduced pump capacity and global system, Onshore or Offshore installation with light equipments and tools, quick and easy to repair or replace, minimized inspection and maintenance, controlled and known fatigue with up to 25 years service life, short delivery time, conventional transportation with containers.

Field proven technology

TRELLINE system has been originally developed in the 2000's for specific deepwater offloading applications as the best alternative to unbonded systems.

As of today Trelleborg has built over one thousand TRELLINE hoses and executed several certified projects all over the world.



TRELLINE Catalogue

TRELLINE Catalogue (PDF)  

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Enhance Oil and Gas Transfer Applications Brochure

Enhance Oil and Gas Transfer Applications Brochure (PDF)  

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API Q1 Certificate

API Q1 Certificate (PDF)  

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API Spec 17K Certificate

API Spec 17K Certificate (PDF)  

Download (pdf)

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate (PDF)  

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ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate (PDF)  

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