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CRYOLINE LNG is a dedicated cryogenic hose for the transfer of liquefied natural gas based on our Dual carcass nippleless technology with a specific and dedicated design.

Product Overview

High thermal insulation


High performance


Leak monitoring


Unique design


A key component for offshore LNG offloading solutions

CRYOLINE LNG hoses enable to consider FLNG projects for harsh environmental conditions. Unlike side-by-side LNG transfer solutions, this solution enhances safety, operability and availability of the FLNG facilities as it enables to increase the distance between the vessels

Dedicated design

CRYOLINE LNG is a combination of Trelleborg unique expertise in both composite and rubber bonded hoses.

It is composed by an inner cryogenic hose derived from composite hose technology, innovative and efficient insulation materials to reduce heat loss and ensure hose buoyancy and an outer protective marine hose derived from conventional flexible bonded hose technology.

Compact and specific connection system ensures a complete integrity and minimizes the heat loss.

The CRYOLINE LNG is designed with a leak monitoring system based on optical fibers technology.

This hose design can also be used on other low temperature transfer applications.


The qualification program according to EN 1474-2 standard is expected to be completed in 2015 with an immediate availability on the market.

The CRYOLINE LNG will be available with a working pressure up to 20 bars for a temperature range from -196°C to + 50°C.

The internal diameters available are from 150 mm (6’’) to 500 mm (20’’) with a section length up to 12.2m (40’).

CRYOLINE LNG is developed thanks to the support of Total and Saipem.

High performance

CRYOLINE is designed to ensure LNG transfer with minimum BOG generation, to meet LNG offloading requirements – safety, flowrate and availability; and to combine high flexibility and reliability. The expected normal operating life is 5 years or 500 offloading operations.

CRYOLINE LNG can be reeled with a minimum radius of 10 times the internal diameter.


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