WIS - Wear Resistance System

Trelleborg’s Intelligent Hoses Sense and Communicate Wear

A significant advance in predictive maintenance of fluid handling systems

Trelleborg’s fluid handling operation introduces the Wear Indicator System (WIS) for its industrial hoses. A first in rubber hose technology, a combination of embedded wires and sensors alerts operators to wear issues within the processing plant or wirelessly.

Ludovic Dumoulin, Segment Manager for Trelleborg’s industrial hoses, says: “Up until now, monitoring the wear and tear of an industrial hose was extremely difficult and often a very time-intensive business; that is if it happened at all. Often, the first thing that is known about a wear issue in a processing operation is leakage or breakdown.

“Trelleborg’s new Wear Indicator System changes all that. A specially engineered hose incorporating conductive copper wires links to a sensor that indicates when there is wear to the hose. This is either through an LED on the hose in the processing plant or wirelessly. It’s a first for our industry and yet another example of how Trelleborg is making the Internet of Things a reality in today’s manufacturing environments. 

“The technology is helping our customers accelerate their performance by making monitoring industrial hose integrity much easier. Taking predictive maintenance to a higher level than previously considered possible, WIS will give operators advanced warning of potential problems. That will reduce downtime, extend hose life, lower overall costs and improve plant safety.” 

The hoses used for the Wear Indicator System (WIS) incorporate a network of copper conductive wires wound into the hoses inner tube. An electronic sensor and indicator box connects to the wires via a specially developed gasket. The sensor monitors when, due to wear, a wire is broken within hose. When this occurs, the electronic sensor and indicator box signals this to the operator with red LEDS in the processing plant. In addition, an alert is sent wirelessly to an operators computer or smart device.

For more information or high resolution pictures, please contact:
Ludovic DUMOULIN, Segment Manager