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Scirocco II® hose, the flexible airslide

Performance resulting from air and gravity.

A newly developed product involving the natural forces.

Fluidization is a technology that has been well known for a quite time in the sector of storage and transportation.

The advantage of this technology bases on 2 physical effects, being caused by the mixture of powder material and air. This leads to a reduction of the inner friction of the bulk material itself as well as to the reduction of the friction between the bulk material and the transport channel.

A vital advantage of the Scirocco II is  above all its economical aspect. Other positive points are its enormous and flexible performance regarding transportation as well as long life cycle, convenience of assembly and  considerable cost reduction.

Scirocco II can only be used for transportation of powder and dry materials. The following conditions have to be considered for fluidization:

  • The air has to be kept in the transport medium for a certain time.
  • A sufficient quantity of powder material is most important.

The systems Top-Feed and End-Feed are available, i. e. the material is filled in from the top, whereas the transport is carried our horizontally. Trelleborg recommends the application of the fluidization cone (see picture) to get optimum results.

Scirocco II can be used in those areas where conveyor belts, screw and spiral conveyors or metal, horizontal or inclined fluidization channels are commonly used. 

Customer references

For 10 years, numerous customers have been using our Scirocco II® with success.

Cementa Heidelberg Group, Sweden.

Lafarge, France.

Cemex, Spain, Italy.

Sakret, Germany.

Cementos Puma, Spain.

Thomas Group, Sweden.

Martinswerk, Germany.

Press releases

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