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CANALKLER 250S: lower your Overall Cost of High Pressure Cleaning of Sewers

Use the Canalkler 250S hose and save around 14,000€ per annum.

1/ Longer lifespan

We have performed tests according to EN ISO 6945:2000, the abrasion resistance of the Canalkler 250S is 6.5 times higher than Canalkler 250. The internationally recognized test for abrasion ISO 6945 measures the weight loss of a hose sample that has been subjected to a longitudinally oscillating abrasion tool along its outer surface. After 2000 cycles, the weight loss of Canalkler 250S is 6.5 times less than current
Canalkler 250.

2) Higher speed

Due to the low weight and sliding resistance of the Canalker 250S sewer cleaning hose, a hose could be dispatched into a drain 100 meters long in only 60 seconds, less than half the time taken to dispatch a metal-reinforced hose. Working on an average of 300 kilometers of sewers cleaned per year that represents a saving of 50 hours working time per annum.

3) Lower water and fuel consumptions

This 50 hours saving, due to the higher speed of Canalkler 250S into the sewer, provides savings of 750 m3 water and 1,000 liters fuel.

4) Higher safety

Canalkler 250S is manufactured with aramide textile reinforcements. These reinforcements guarantee a 250 bar working pressure. 100 % hoses are tested at 375 bar and are delivered with a quality certificate. 

These textiles reinforcements are safe for the operators unlike steel reinforced hoses. 


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ATEX Certificate

ATEX Certificate (PDF)  

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Drain and Sewer Cleaning Brochure

Drain and Sewer Cleaning Brochure (PDF)  

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