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Water Hydraulic Seals

Our specially designed music note seals, hump seals and flat seals are designed to provide hydraulic sealing for water infrastructure engineering applications

TEPA's custom hydraulic seals are commonly used to seal and ensure water tightness of construction joints for dams, tunnels and any structure subjected to intense pressure. They are commonly utilised in dam gates, dam wall extensions, tunnels and concrete slab joints. These water stops may also be used to prevent product leakage from a tank or structure into the adjacent environment

We offer a diverse range of seals to suit many different applications, including:

  • Music Note Seals for side seals
  • Hump Seals for sealing the top edge of submerged vertical lift gates and radial gates
  • Flat Seals to be used as bottom seals

Seals can be offered with or without PTFE contact facings which enhance slippage and prevent sticking to adjacent contact surfaces.

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