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Ship Fenders

Trelleborg has a wide range of fenders to protect ships during mooring.

A fender is a bumper used to absorb the kinetic energy of a boat or vessel berthing against a jetty, quay wall or other vessel to prevent damage. To do this, fenders usually have high energy absorption and low reaction force. Fenders are typically manufactured out of rubber that is either extruded or made in a mould. The type of fender that is most suitable for an application depends on many variables, including dimensions and displacement of the vessel, maximum allowable stand-off, berthing structure, tidal variations and other berth-specific conditions. The size of the fender unit is based on the berthing energy of the vessel which is related to the square of the berthing velocity.

We provide ship fenders for all kinds of protection. Our product range consists of:

  • D-Fenders
  • Cylindrical Fenders
  • W-Fenders
  • Keyhole Fenders
  • RubbyLene Fenders

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