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Diaphragm Closure

 Seals oil and gas platform legs and skirt sleeves to provide buoyancy during the installation of substructures.

Diaphragm closures seal the platform legs and skirt sleeves to provide buoyancy during the installation of substructures. These closures are attached to the legs and skirt sleeves by means of fastening ring/flanges that also hold the rubber diaphragms. They are made from highly reinforced rubber and are designed to withstand the hydrostatic pressure during jacket flooding operations.

Diaphragm closures are pierced by a pile or sometimes by a cutting device. Diaphragms are sometimes used together with inflatable grout packers and mud wipers/grout seals in a jacket leg can system. 

Trelleborg also offers internal diaphragms when there can be no external projection on the subject tubular for installing the diaphragm closure, and rip-out diaphragms which are similar to internal diaphragms but the cutting is done by pulling the cable and cruciform piercing tool.

All diaphragms are usually tested up to 1.5 times the operating pressure and we normally use ASTM A36 or equivalent material for the retaining rings/flanges. We can design diaphragm closures to your specifications and to suit unique environmental or weather factors which demand special operating conditions.

While we have a list of preset sizes for our diaphragm closures and retaining rings/flanges retained from previous projects, the dimensions of our diaphragm closures can be varied to match specific leg/skirt sizes.

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