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The new standard in pipe plugs

Inflatable test plugs are available in many shapes, forms and diameters. But thanks to a new and innovative production process Trelleborg has now set the new standard in pipe plugs. The development of this pneumatic test plug was necessary due to ever changing operating conditions and environments. These new demands required development of better products.

Trelleborg has developed a production process where the product is no longer fully made by hand. The improved positioning of the reinforced material means a much lighter product. Other advantages are less chances of flaws and therefore a more consistent and better quality product.

The improved positioning of the reinforced material in combination with its new design makes handling much easier. Tight manholes or 90˚ turns are no longer an issue. The flexibility has been improved in such way that this sewer blocking plug will be much easier to position. For better handling handles have been placed on either side so a good grip on the pipe plug is always guaranteed.

The new design used for this bypass plug is more consistent in quality and can withstand even higher back pressures than before. The new design also means the pressure inside is much better divided. All this in combination with the new conical shape makes this new pipe plug safer to use.


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