Rubstrips - Trelleborg Rubber Protects Critical Structural Integrity


Designed to protect boat landing systems and hulls of large vessels and barges

Rubstrips are lengths of specially designed rubber installed at the contact points between an oil and gas platform’s boat landing system and a visiting vessel. When a vessel berths they impact against the rubstrips preventing damage to any metal components. Our high quality rubber components are specially designed to safely accommodate a berthing vessel’s impact loads.

To ensure our customers’ needs are met, we manufacture many different profiles for many different circumstances, our profiles can be solid or hollow and come with many fitting options to the jacket leg/structure.

Our rubstrips consist of a simple but robust design, and we can also incorporate properties such as anti-corrosion, anti-fouling and excellent weather resistance for our customers’ unique needs.

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Sample Models

Examples of our rubstrip variations

Model Rubber Size Overall Size


305mmW x 229mmH
356mmW x 248mmH
 216mmW x 143mmH  216mmW x 255mmH
TH-RS-300  203mmW x 154mmH  254mmW x 173mmH
TH-RS-400  229mmW x 57mmH  229mmW x 130mmH
 TH-RS-700  229mmW x 57mmH  229mmW x 159mmH
 TH-RS-BB1  276mmW x 136mmH  305mmW x 355mmH
 TH-RS-BB2  276mmW x 136mmH  305mmW x 355mmH

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