Bearing Strips - Trelleborg Solutions for Bridges and Offshore Platforms

Bearing Strips

Bearing strips and bearing pads provide an elastomeric interface between the supporting structure and the bridging structure to allow thermal and structural movement

Trelleborg elastomeric structural bearing pads and strips provide vertical and sheer load deflection between a structure and its supports. They can be applied to bridges and offshore platforms' topsides

Shear deflections of up to 70% may be considered but careful consideration must be taken of possible slippage due to the frictional coefficient of the rubber to structure mating surfaces. Tilting of the load bearing surfaces relative to each other causes a “rotation” of the bearing pad/strip. The basic limiting criterion is that no gap occurs between the structure and the pad/strip

Our bearing strips are manufactured from premium quality natural rubber, while alternative compounds are available in neoprene as well. Material hardness is available from SDH 50 to SDH 70 to suit special applications. The products are used to allow movements caused by temperature and loads

Lastly, different finishes can be accommodated for, including:

Wood float finish
Steel float finish 
Steel in situ concrete finish

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