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Anti Vibration Mounts

Since the early 1970ʼs Trelleborg have utilised their expertise and experience to provide Anti Vibration dampers world-wide to many of the major gas turbine, generator, compressor and pump unit manufacturers for the isolation of structures from potentially damaging machine-borne vibration. Applications cover oil and gas exploration and production platforms, FPSOʼs, accommodation modules and helidecks.

AVM Layout

Trelleborg AVMs are custom designed and consist of elastomeric bearing units located under the support skid. 

Three of four mounting points are used to accommodate rotational and flexural movements and to suppress vibration transmitted by the driven machinery. The diagram below shows a typical three point mounting system. This fixing system allows differential movement between the skid and deck in any direction, whilst still resisting shear and tensile loads.

Picture tekst AVM.jpg


  • Natural frequency of the isolated skid: Typically within the following band ranges: 10-12Hz, 12-15Hz, 15-20Hz. Lower frequency can be supplied if required.
  • Vertical loads: Up to 10MN and up to 1MN in tension
  • Horizontal loads: Up to 1MN under normal operation. Overload up to 2MN during storm, transport or seismic.
  • Rotation: 0.01 radians about any horizontal plane.
  • AVMʼs can be supplied with or without holes for fixing bolts, with a deck fi xing plate and shim pack.
  • The elastomeric components are maintenance free for life.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20° C to +50° C
  • Design life: In excess of 25 years
  • In the event of exposure to a fire the outer rubber surfaces of the bearing would char forming a protective barrier. Even in a severe fire these offshore skid mounts will not fail catastrophically but take on further settlement whilst supporting the skid.

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