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Leg Can Systems

Our comprehensive polymer solutions for the floatover installation process are utilized for energy absorption, vibration reduction and movement tolerance; the critical nature of a floatover process demands only the highest performing solutions which requires exact engineering that is stringently tested.

Trelleborg's jacket leg can systems are designed to encompass the sealing needs during the installation of an oil and gas platform's substructure. 

Diaphragm closures seal the platform legs and skirt sleeves to provide buoyancy during the installation of substructures. These closures are attached to the legs and skirt sleeves by means of fastening ring/flanges that also hold the rubber diaphragms. They are made from highly reinforced rubber and are designed to withstand the hydrostatic pressure during jacket flooding operations.

Inflatable grouting packers provide a reliable and robust seal between the ID of the jacket/skirt and the OD of the driven pile. When fully inflated by a gas or liquid, it seals the annulus and grout is injected between the pile and leg.

Grout seals/wipers assist grout packers in ensuring that the jacket pile annulus is clean by preventing mud contamination. Occasionally, grout seals can also be used alone without grout packers - especially at shallow water depths. When the pile is driven through, the tension on the rubber as it slides along the pile seals and the annulus ensures proper grouting. Our grout seals/wipers can tolerate reverse movement in the pile.

Trelleborg's jacket leg can systems are meticulously designed and fabricated with the highest quality rubber polymers to ensure efficient, reliable performance.

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