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Dredging products

Trelleborg is a major supplier for the major dredging companies in Belgium and the Netherlands, who are considered to be market leaders in the world. Trelleborg produces the wear-resistant rubber sealing for all valve systems on the dredging vessels, available in diameter 250 to 1400 mm. Even for the heaviest wear applications special sealing rings are available.

Our main products are used in applications such as trailing suction hopper dredgers, cutter suction hopper dredgers and split hopper barges and include:

  • Gate valve seals
  • Bottom door/valve seals
  • Fenders for protection of draghead and cardanring
  • Floating hoses and seals for: turning gland, overflow, jetwater.
Fenders for protection of dragheads
To protect the hull of a suction hopper dredger and the very expensive draghead against impact, special rubber fenders are mounted. All fenders have proven performance for both durability and reliability all over world.

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Sealing rings for dredge gate valves
We provide sealing rings for gate valves for the market leading systems. The valve system provides a complete water tight sealing. These valves can be supplied for operating pressures of 8, 15 and 25 bar. Trelleborg produces the wear resistant rubber sealing rings for all valve systems available in diameter range 250 till 1400 mm. Even for the heaviest wear applications special sealing rings are available.

Seals for bottom discharge systems
For sand discharge systems there are two main types: bottom doors and conical valves. For the sealing systems we produce a wide range of excellent wear-resistant rubber seals.

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Technology leader in dredging hoses.

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