Shock Pads - Trelleborg Engineered Bearings for Jacking Systems

Shock Pads

Shock absorbers for oil and gas platform lifting systems

Trelleborg's offshore shock pads are steel laminated elastomer products engineered for use as shock absorbers and dampeners in the lifting system of a self-elevated platform. Utilised as bearings for jack up vessels, they prevent impact loads from damaging a jack-up rig or an oil and gas platform during the jack-up process.

Due to the immense loads and rigorous nature of jacking systems shock pads, Trelleborg's special elastomeric bearings undergo stringent testing to ensure they can safely bear the required loads without deforming.

Other applications include floating unit shock pads, as they can also be incorporated into oil and gas or offshore wind projects. They are commonly installed in vessels that are dedicated to carrying foundations, turbines, masts and blades.

These offshore shock pads may also be fitted with load measuring devices to enable monitoring of loads during the elevation processes.

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