Oil & Gas Expertise by Trelleborg Engineered Products

Oil & Gas Expertise

Trelleborg's engineered products operations has extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry, we have provided reliable, efficient polymer solutions to projects all around the world for many years. We pride ourselves on our world class engineering and manufacturing processes, that are stringently tested to ensure our solutions fully satisfy all performance specifications.


Floatover technology

We are a world leader in float over hardware, such as Leg Mating Units used in the installation of topsides.


We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of elastomeric solutions for the floating vessel industry.

Boat Landing Systems

We provide reliable protection for vessels and oil & gas platforms during berthing by reducing impact loads.
Jacket Leg Can System

Leg Can Systems

Designed to meet your sealing needs during the installation of an oil & gas platform's substructure.

Corrosion and Fire Protection

Trelleborg Engineerd Products’ polymers can be designed to be chemically resistant to most corrosive liquids and gases encountered in the oil & gas industry.
Trelleborg expansion barrel

Oil Sands

Our high quality, wear resistant rubber hoses offer an extended lifetime compared to conventional metal pipes. We can also apply rubber lining to increase the lifecycle of metal piping systems.  

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Energy ebook
Oil and gas energy expertise

Finding the right offshore energy partner

In the oil & gas industry, the supply chain must be dependable and provide high value. Download our industry report to learn more about choosing the best energy partners.
oil & gas product brochure
Oil and Gas Solutions and Products

Overview of our oil & gas solutions

Learn more about our solutions for shallow offshore oil and gas platforms and floating vessels such as FPSOs and FLNGs.

Featured Product

Float over Technology

Leg MAting unit
Leg Mating Unit

Core component of the float over process

Leg Mating Units (LMUs) are being increasingly utilized around the world as the preferred oil & gas platform installation solution, especially when the topside structure is too heavy for conventional installation methods. As they support the weight of a topside as it is connected to the substructure, LMUs are therefore critical components in the float over process and must be designed to meet the highest of standards.

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Trelleborg supplies high grade polymer products to the Oil and Gas industry, with customised and innovative solutions for FPSO, FLNG, corrosion protection and load transfers.

Featured Case Study

Floatover process Myanmar

SAIPEM Zawtika, myanmar
Adverse Weather

Designed to accommodate harsher sea conditions

Trelleborg had to fabricate units that could overcome the particularly adverse weather and sea conditions challenging an oil platform's successful installation in Myanmar