Water Management Projects

Water Management Projects

Trelleborg Engineered Products is your partner of choice for customized solutions for water management projects. From ship lifts to aqueducts and from storm surge barriers to dry docks and lock systems, whenever there is a need for a sealing solution, our very experienced engineers will design the perfect product for the application.

Gina Klein

Gina gasket

The Gina gasket can be applied when big gaps need to be sealed off or when the external water pressure is high
Omega Klein


The Omega seal is perfectly suitable for sealing bigger joints. It is available in different sizes

Inflatable Seals

This gasket is designed to seal a gap after being inflated. During inflation, the flat gasket expands to a larger thickness and the sides will deform into a circular shape. 

Membrane Seals

Membrane seals come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are widely used in for different infrastructure and water management applications.

Compressions Seals

Compression seals allow you to effectively seal expansion joints. The elastomeric element is highly resistant to deterioration from exposure to weather, sunlight, oils and impact. 

Self activating seals

Self activating seals come in different shapes and sizes and can be applied for many different applications.

Featured Resources

Venice storm surge barrier, italy

Mose project protects Venice against further floodings

Venice, with its ornate palaces along miles of gondola-travelled canals, has drawn visitors for centuries. Threatened by rising tides, the historic city embarked on an engineering project to preserve its treasures for future generations.
strepy thieu ship lift, belgium

Ship lift Strepy Thieu, Belgium

Open to navigation in 2002, the ship lift of Strépy-Thieu is a true landmark. Its exceptional dimensions and its unique technical performance raise it as the biggest lift ever existed. The structure is 117m high, 130m long and 75m wide. It overcomes a difference of 73.15m in water level. We supplied our bespoke Omega seals for this unique project.

The threat against St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is regarded as Russia’s cultural capital. To protect its people and cultural treasures from flooding, a 25-kilometer storm flood barrier has been constructed for which we supplied our bespoke Omega seal

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