Trelleborg Engineered Products has been one of the leading suppliers of hoses to the dredging industry for decades. Our hoses have been used by all major dredging companies across the globe. One of our strengths is our team of professionals specializing in rubber material handling hoses, so that development, production and technical support are all under one roof. Our market is the international dredging industry, one which believes that actions speaks louder than words. We respond to this attitude with guaranteed product quality and an approach that goes down well throughout the world. 

Dredging Products & Solutions

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Non Floating Hoses

A wide range of hoses like suction, discharge, bucket, caprock and other hoses with the highest standards.
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Floating Hoses

Trelleborg has been supplying floating hoses for major dredging projects across the globe. Our Rockfloat series offers unprecedented life times
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We produce a wide range of pre-shaped rubber bends that can be used in suction and discharge applications in various diameters and radii.
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Expansion Joints

Our expansion joints are used in various applications, for example to compensate for big displacements in piping systems or as flexible joints in lines inside ships. 
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Dredging Specials

We offer a range of products, especially designed for the demanding dredging industry.

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