Infrastructure Expertise Trelleborg Engineered Products

Infrastructure Expertise

Trelleborg's engineered products can be found all around you, on roads and railways, bridges and tunnels and in buildings and power plants. Our unsurpassed experience in polymer solutions helps to support strong infrastructure, driving the success of societies across the globe.


We are the leading supplier of sealing systems to prevent water ingress in immersed, bored or cut and cover tunnels globally. 

Water Management Projects

We provide sealing and damping solutions for storm surge barriers, sluices, dry docks, ship lifts, aqueducts and other water management projects . 


Trelleborg is a leading supplier of hoses to the dredging industry. For decades we have supplied our solutions to all leading dredging companies in the world.


Noise and vibration isolation bearings installed within the base and body of a building are a key way to dramatically reduce noise due to the effects of ground vibration.

Light Rail

Trelleborg is a leading supplier of vibration control solutions for rail systems.
Heerema bridge Amsterdam with Trelleborg bearings


For bridges we design and manufacture bearings to manage the loads and stresses of everyday operations.

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Case study

Sealing system for the Midtown tunnel, VA, USA

Our renowned combination of Gina and Omega seals will secure watertight joints in the new Midtown tunnel which will improve traffic problems in Portsmouth, Virginia.
Venice storm surge barrier, italy

Mose project protects Venice against further floodings

Venice, with its ornate palaces along miles of gondola-travelled canals, has drawn visitors for centuries. Threatened by rising tides, the historic city embarked on an engineering project to preserve its treasures for future generations.

Featured Application

strepy thieu ship lift, belgium

Ship lift Strepy Thieu, Belgium

Open to navigation in 2002, the ship lift of Strépy-Thieu is a true landmark. Its exceptional dimensions and its unique technical performance raise it as the biggest lift ever existed. The structure is 117m high, 130m long and 75m wide. It overcomes a difference of 73.15m in water level. We supplied our bespoke Omega seals for this unique project.

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