Solvent emissions are being reduced
Solvent emissions are being reduced By switching to either fully water-based or “hybrid” bonding systems, solvent emission can be reduced step by step.

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Environment - Quotes
"Being able to market high Environmental performance  - both for products and other areas - will be a competition advantage since most costumers will be interested to see that Trelleborg does well in many of these issues".

- Manager in Trelleborg AB -

Permits and non-compliance

A total of 85 (85) percent of the plants are required to hold permits under local law.

All facilities in Sweden, 13 in total, are required to hold permits or register their activities. Applications to renew environmental permits are currently being processed for 35 facilities (three in Sweden), of which all are expected to receive the permits requested.

During the year, some form of violation against the terms of permits or local environmental, health and safety legislation occurred at 13 (12) facilities. Of these, 2 (2) cases resulted in fines. The total cost for fines amounted to approximately SEK 0.08 (0.16) M. Other causes of violations were noise and emissions to air. Complaints from neighbors and other parties concerned were filed against 6 (10) facilities. The most common reasons were noise and odor.

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