Solvent emissions are being reduced
Solvent emissions are being reduced By switching to either fully water-based or “hybrid” bonding systems, solvent emission can be reduced step by step.

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Environment - Quotes
"Being able to market high Environmental performance  - both for products and other areas - will be a competition advantage since most costumers will be interested to see that Trelleborg does well in many of these issues".

- Manager in Trelleborg AB -

Climate impact

  • Total CO2 emissions: 347,000 (377,000) tons
  • Direct CO2 emissions: 110,000 (152,200) tons
  • Total CO2 emissions/sales: 12.8 (13.9) tons/SEK M  

  • A significant part of the Group’s climate impact is caused by direct carbon emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels and indirectly through the consumption of purchased electricity, steam and district heating.

    The “15 by 15” climate target adopted by Trelleborg in 2010 (see below) addresses these direct and indirect emissions.

    The Group's reporting of indirect emissions has been adapted to comply with the Carbon Disclosure project's recommendations, which means that national conversion factors taken from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol were applied. Trelleborg has taken clear steps to prevent and reduce the climate-related effects of its operations, which include the improvements in energy efficiency.

    Since 2007, Trelleborg has participated in the voluntary reporting process of the Carbon Disclosure project (CDP), which involves openly reporting all relevant performance indicators and data. On behalf of global investors, the CDP gathers information regarding emissions of greenhouse gases by companies and organizations as well as the measures being taken by them to prevent a negative climate impact, visit In the CDP'S annual report for 2010, Trelleborg received 69 points, compared with 62 points in the preceding year. Only one plant, to a limited extent, was affected by the EU directive on trading of emission rights in 2010


    In 2010, total carbon emissions declined in absolute terms and relative to sales.

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