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"High quality and low prices were for a long time the most important factors for me as a customer. As the world is changing and resources declining, my awareness has increased and both environmental performance and good labour practices are nowadays very important and very much interlinked with quality and costs. For example, the prices can't be kept low as the resources disappears".
- Customer to Trelleborg AB -


Trelleborg’s objective is to work only with suppliers who support our quality requirements and business principles.

• The proportion of the total purchase value where suppliers have been assessed is about 25 percent

Trelleborg’s objective is to only work with suppliers who support our quality requirements and business principles. The initial evaluation of suppliers takes place through group-wide self-assessments, containing questions related to safety and health, environmental management and social responsibility. Unsatisfactory answers are investigated. Underperforming suppliers receive a deadline for measures.

A pilot project that commenced in 2009 included a self-assessment for 250 suppliers in countries with increased risk. A similar type of self-assessment was implemented in 2010 with the majority of our Group-wide suppliers of direct materials, such as rubber and plastics. This entails that 33 percent of the total value of all such purchases implemented at Group level were assessed. Accordingly, suppliers corresponding to about 25 percent of the total purchase value were audited.

In 2011, self-assessments will be mandatory for every local unit that conducts purchases, in that the units will be integrated into Trelleborg’s mandatory “Procure-to-Pay” process. The objective for 2011 is that every unit shall have implemented a CR assessment of its suppliers at a level corresponding to 80 percent of the purchase value.

No supplier relationships were ended in 2010 due to environmental or social reasons. In the preceding year, seven units reported such cases.

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