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A system for sustainability reporting, developed by the Trelleborg Group, provides a better factual basis.

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About the report’s content

The information and key figures included in this report have been selected based on GRI’s Core Indicators and with guidance from GRI’s principles on definition of report content.

The focus of the report has been on the indicators that represent the significant CR/sustainability aspects of Trelleborg’s operations, including against those that resulted from a materiality analysis conducted in 2007 in which external and internal stakeholders were able to give their opinions on which aspects they deemed most important for Trelleborg to consider and report. The aspects that were identified as being most important by stakeholders have been assigned priority in terms of space allocated.
The significant CR/sustainability aspects in the risk summary were identified and prioritized based on the same criteria; that is, potential impact on the environment, people and society, risk and strategic importance. This work was performed under the direction of the materiality analysis, GRI’s principles, ISO 14001, laws and other requirements, internal and external expertise and in dialogue with the authorities and other stakeholders.
In all material respects, the report’s structure complies with the structure in Trelleborg’s Code of Conduct: responsibility for the environment, the workplace, customers, suppliers, society and the community.
It is the company’s aim to continue to develop the report in line with Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, our Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact.
The design of the report has taken into consideration the opinions presented in conjunction with active stakeholder dialog and by the stakeholders who monitor the progress of Trelleborg’s CR activities. We view these opinions as valuable contributions to the continuous improvement of this report and welcome additional opinions on a regular basis.
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