Neal Borg


Neal Borg,
Product Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Malta

“A relative spotted an advert in a newspaper in Malta promoting Trelleborg’s graduate training program – I’m very glad she did! At the time I was in Australia completing a Masters in Engineering Management. I was one of the first people to take part in the program and over the following 18 months I spent six months each in Sweden, Malta and Germany. During this time I was heavily involved with setting up a manufacturing plant in Malta. The whole experience was tremendous.
“For anyone wanting a chance to prove themselves then Trelleborg is the place to be. The management are hugely supportive of employees with imagination. While in Malta I wanted to investigate the use of a new technology that could potentially improve productivity and quality. The necessary funding was immediately made available, allowing me to examine the feasibility.

“My advice to anyone about to leave university is to always take a close look at the long term benefits offered by any job. Since joining Trelleborg in 2010 I’ve travelled extensively around the world and also taken part in its international management program, which has really developed my leadership skills. It’s hard to believe that so much has happened in just a few years.”