Lasantha Wijeweera


Lasantha Wijeweera,
Production Director for Trelleborg’s wheels systems operations, Sri Lanka

Overseeing a workforce approaching 500, plus an annual production of more than 800,000 tires for a huge cross section of industrial markets, is a demanding job for director of production Lasantha Wijeweera. It’s rather different to the glamorous high end apparel manufacturing sector he worked in before … but Lasantha is adamant he wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I had held a variety of roles prior to joining Trelleborg in 2011, including IT, purchasing and business process improvement. I certainly didn’t know anything about the manufacture of industrial tires! However, during my first visit I was immediately struck by the culture. Those initial impressions have proved to be accurate. Although Trelleborg is a global organization it retains at a local level a warm, trusting and personal ‘feel’.

“It’s a place where employees are given a lot of freedom to try out new ideas and regardless of whether these are a success or not you are encouraged to keep trying. Because of this there is a high degree of innovation, which makes working here exciting while enabling constant improvements to be made at every level. During the last few years I’ve seen many changes that have resulted in increased quality and productivity at our two factories in Sri Lanka and these in turn have led to the delivery of a better product to our customers. It’s an extremely satisfying working environment to be in.”