Jonas Karlsson

Trelleborg Career

Jonas Karlsson,
General Manager for Trelleborg’s sealing solutions operation, Sweden

“The responsibility, prospects and excitement are there for those who are willing to take on the challenges and work hard. One of the features about Trelleborg that I like is that it offers a wealth of opportunities for people to do well. I was given a lot of responsibility early on in my career and I grabbed the chance to learn and travel, taking on several jobs over a period of seven years until I was appointed in 2014 as General Manager for Trelleborg's sealing solutions operations in Sweden.

“I’m still learning! As General Manager I’m dealing with customers rather than suppliers, as well as being involved much more with products. In addition, I have 30 people reporting to me. However, there are many similarities in this operational role to what I’ve done in the past, so I can put my experience to good use. New challenges and fresh ideas keep me interested in work.”