Han-Loong Lau


Han-Loong Lau,
Marketing & Business Development Executive for Trelleborg's engineered products operations, Singapore

Han-Loong Lau says he found the perfect outlet for his passion for business-to-business marketing when he joined Trelleborg in 2013. Eighteen months later he completed the Graduate Program, travelled extensively outside Singapore and now handles the majority of marketing activities for Trelleborg Engineered Products Energy Division.

“The Graduate Program was extremely useful, not only in teaching me skills such as leadership, but also in providing a network of people from vastly different cultures and backgrounds. Compared to the management training often encountered in some industries, this program from Trelleborg is excellent. 

“In addition, one of the great things I’ve found is the willingness of people to share their knowledge and experience, regardless of their position or age. They are also keen to listen to my suggestions! That’s very encouraging. I believe that we can all contribute something and younger people bring a fresh approach that adds real value to a modern business. Some of the most exciting ideas I’ve picked up have been during trips abroad and the multi-national nature of Trelleborg makes global travel a regular part of my job.”