Edita Tojčić

Trelleborg Careers

Edita Tojčić,
General Manager, for Trelleborg’s sealing solutions operation, Croatia

When Edita Tojčić, General Manager, for Trelleborg’s sealing solutions opearation, Croatia, joined Trelleborg’s new Croatian business unit in 2008 as Office Manager she never imagined that by 2014 she would be General Manager, in charge of the entire operation. 

“I wanted to work for an international organization in order to grow my knowledge and have the chance to find out what I was capable of achieving. Trelleborg certainly gave me that opportunity! We’ve expanded the business activities since those early days and now with modern CMC machines we make special, custom-made seals, which we supply to other Trelleborg business units as well as direct to customers in several countries.

“People spend a large part of their lives at work and it’s important to be happy in your job. One of the good traits of the senior management at Trelleborg is that they really care about employees and they’ve implemented innovative structures and training programs that help people reach their potential. With the degree of aid and freedom offered, career prospects are really in the hands of employees. For those willing to learn and put in the effort, the sky’s the limit.”