Cristiano Bette


Cristiano Bette,
R&D Director for Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation, Italy

Cristiano Bette, R&D Director for Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation, Italy, has been involved in rubber-related technologies for 19 years and during this time has worked for several manufacturers operating from different countries. However, he sees his recent move to Trelleborg’s Lodi Vecchio facility as the most appealing in his long career.

“For me personally it’s great to be back in Italy after a long time abroad, but there is much more to my delight. Trelleborg’s structure means that it provides the opportunities of an international organisation, while giving every individual the chance to make an impact within their business unit. Young people, perhaps joining with little experience, are still encouraged to speak out and suggest ideas. People are listened to by management, regardless of background. It’s a tremendous attitude. I’ve known companies where it takes years before it’s recognised you even have a ‘voice’.”

The Lodi Vecchio site is involved in producing industry-leading printing blankets and Cristiano Bette’s extensive knowledge of rubber is being put to good use in overseeing the development of new products and solutions. “It’s easy to imagine rubber being an 
‘old’ technology, yet each day brings interesting new avenues to explore. It’s still an emerging technology, where the challenge is often to get the correct balance between different elements or features … a bit like life!”