Anthony La

Anthony La

Anthony La, Product Development Engineer, Trelleborg Coated Systems, New Haven, US

I joined Trelleborg group in late 2014 through the acquisition of Uretek Archer LLC Group. Since then, I’ve had many opportunities to travel – visiting customers, suppliers, attending trade shows as well as being a part of the Accelerating Performance Mentorship Program within Trelleborg Group University. I’ve learned a lot in the technical world of polyurethane coated fabrics, and how to succeed in the “try-fail-try again” product development setting. I have also seen that there are many opportunities for growth in Trelleborg, and am looking forward to a career here. 

Here in New Haven, US, our site makes very specific, one-of-a-kind products to meet a customer’s individual needs. As a product development engineer, it is critical to understand the end-use, performance requirements, and desired features so that we can design the best possible solution. Throughout the development process, our team is frequently in communication with technical people, project managers, sales or purchasing teams, building relationships with individuals as we collaborate and work through projects. 

Ultimately, this level of communication helps Trelleborg develop a better solution faster because more time is spent understanding the customer’s needs. This makes a positive difference because they get one-on-one time directly with the people designing their products, can give input every step of the way, are aware of the progress, and ultimately know exactly what they are getting when they work with us. 

To innovate and deliver new and exciting products, it is important to always look for new ways to do things – whether it is a process to make a product more effectively, or looking into new technology for better performance characteristics, or better environmental impact. This usually requires us to push the envelope.