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Constantly striving for innovation

Trelleborg's boots operation supplies dynamic sealing systems, or boots, to manufacturers of steering and driveshaft systems from our production plants in France, Czech Republic, USA, Mexico and China.  
Our innovative solutions include the Trilobe Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) boot which uses an injection molding process to produce a single component part that is cheaper, reduces risk of leakage, facilitates assembly and cuts assembly time compared to other boots.
Our self-breathing boots include a micro filter allowing them to breathe while filtering out any particles of dust or water, enhancing performance and quality.

About us

The Trelleborg boots operation is characterized by our three Ts: Tech Know How, Time and Trust. 

Tech Know How

Industry expertise, R&D and testing that’s second to none.


Efficient operations reduce time to design, develop, test and manufacture for the most exacting standards.


Our long heritage of delivering boots on-time, on quality and in the right quantities.

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