Trelleborg EP678 is a medium temperature, low density syntactic epoxy tooling board designed for the manufacture of accurate and stable master models and molds.

Excellent dimensional stability

Maintains shape at elevated temperatures

Quick mold preparation

Exceptionally easy to machine

Suitable for use up to 135 °C

Can be directly used for the production of parts

Inert surface

Chemically compatible with tooling prepregs

Key Applications

EP678 offers many benefits and used for the following:

Master models

Lay-up tools for low and medium temperature curing epoxy prepreg

Light weight coring materials

EP678 Typical Properties




Density 708 kg/m³
Shore hardness  68 D  
Uniaxial compressive strength 52 MPa BS EN ISO 604 
HDT 135 °C
BS 2782
Glass transition temperature
125 °C
BS EN ISO 11359-2
Coefficient of thermal expansion
 37 x 10⁶ / °C BS EN ISO 11359-2
Flexural strength 34.3 MPa BS EN ISO  
Flexural modulus 2,483 MPa BS EN ISO 178
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